Why Every Athlete And Celebrity Should Have A YouTube Channel

Why Every Athlete And Celebrity Should Have A YouTube Channel

Known as the home of the viral video, YouTube is an impressive network for sending videos viral within minutes. Boasting a staggering 1,300,000,000 users, almost 5 billion videos are viewed daily, offering a massive platform of followers already waiting for celebrities and athletes to reach out. YouTube is an important platform for people to make their presence known and spread their messages to a broader audience. Some people seem to have already clicked on to the idea and have a large following on their YouTube channels already.

1. Russell Brand – Russell’s YouTube Channel

Russell Brand has an impressive, 1,369,958 subscribers on his YouTube channel with his videos reaching a whopping 3.5million views. Russell uses his page to reach out to his followers on a variety of different topics, sometimes facing controversial topics with equally controversial comments. He claims to unravel true news on his page, stating that- “This is my channel where we can together, unravel the matrix of modern media and reveal the gleaming reality beyond connecting us all to each other through pure consciousness. Or it’s true news. Trews.”

2. Tom Daley – Tom’s YouTube Channel

With 580,203 subscribers, Tom Daley uses his YouTube presence to share videos from his swimming and the Olympics, but also vlogs about food, exercises and more. He also cleverly uses his bio to advertise his new book alongside the link to purchase it. Been friendly and relatable, Tom’s videos can reach more than 2.2million views. His videos are edited well and informative, and his excellent sense of humor makes him a pleasure to watch. He’s no doubt inspiring people around the world to become active and be good role models for everyone around them.

3. Kylie Jenner – Kylie’s YouTube Channel

Younger sister to the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner knows exactly how to work social media to gain maximum followers. She uses her YouTube channel just like she does any other social media outlet and chose to use it to announce the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Stormi. After keeping quiet about the pregnancy for nine months, she posted a beautiful video documenting her pregnancy which reached 63,499,326 views, sending the internet into meltdown mode. She posts vlogs, because who doesn’t want to see what the rich and famous get up too daily? And she also has separate YouTube channels for her cosmetics line which is currently taking over the world release after release.

4. Kevin Durant – Kevin’s YouTube Channel

As of this writing, Kevin Durant has amassed 635,861 subscribers on his YouTube channel that he started a bit less a year ago. Kevin uses his channel to give fans behind the scenes access to his life on and off the court. People are loving it. He’s racked up over 22 Million views so far!

YouTube is a fantastic platform for celebrities and athletes to promote themselves in a fun and innovative way.

A cleverly thought out video will be shared across every other social media outlet, and quickly.

People will read posts on Twitter and Facebook etc, but what we really want to see is a celebrity’s life, from waking up to going to sleep and all the fun adventures in-between. Inspiring messages can spread around the world, and YouTube can be a place for people of influence to help change others lives for the better.

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